What Upsets Us Most About Autism? The Status Quo.


We believe that both the quantity and quality of care options for those with autism are horribly deficient, especially for adults. We seek to change that and have formed an organization with the mission, the people and the ideas to move beyond the status quo.



A day program, aimed at young adults with autism and significant needs. Participants learn and work every day in on-campus ventures such as a jelly-and-canning business and teacher delivery services.

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Red & Black Blast

We are delighted to celebrate every year at Red & Black Blast a joint fundraising event with the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH) at the University of Cincinnati whose programs are designed for individuals with a wide range of physical, intellectual, and social-communicative abilities  ATS programs address participants’ needs from high school through early adulthood to help them gain life skills, work skills, and gain life skills, work skills, and lead a more independent and fulfilled life.  Together, we build solutions for the future.

This year's event is Saturday February 4, 2017on the UC campus.

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