What is IMPACT Innovation?

A day program, aimed at young adults with autism and significant needs.  

We have created Impact Innovation (IMPACT)  in partnership with the University of Cincinnati, to design a world class program where participants thrive on a university campus in a safe environment where they work on communication, social, and job skills every day.  Created to respond to a call from state and federal governments to increase community integrated job opportunities we have funded for five years, the on-going programwhich focuses on employment, health/wellness, and lifelong learning

These campus participants work on job skills every day in new on-campus ventures such as making handcrafted dog bones, delivering coffee, landscaping or in the community.

II is open to adults aged 22 or those with a high-school diploma. Once enrolled, students may remain until they no longer require the services.

To learn more about the UC program Impact. Please contact: Sadie Everett, Community Relations Coordinator at 312.961.1030 or email everetsh@ucmail.uc.edu

When I first heard something was being developed at UC to specifically meet the needs of young adults with autism and significant communication and behavioral challenges, I was cautiously optimistic. Now, I am genuinely excited about IMPACT Innovation.
— Dr. Cindy Molloy

We want to ensure applicants have the best possible experience in IMPACT Innovation. With this in mind, we've created a guide to help determine the eligibility of individuals to participate in the program.